Young Thinkers Program

Costs and inclusions:

The program is available on-line, through an annual subscription:

Subscription first Year:    $660 inc GST
Subsequent Years:        $220 inc GST

Subscription cost Includes ongoing access to all stories, student answer and scoring booklets for all stories, additional teacher resources, a growing library of practical classroom-based thinking activities, quarterly newsletters with thinking ideas for you to use, and rationale and promotional materials for parents.

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Critical and creative thinking is one of the most commonly requested skills asked of new graduates. It also ranks as one of the most commonly identified aims of education across all sectors and all grade levels. It is rare to see a systematic approach to teaching thinking skills, and more rare to see an approach to scoring, grading and providing feedback to explicitly improve thinking skills. Not only will students need to be literate and numerate, they will need cognitive processes and dispositions that will enable life-long-learning and formal entry into higher education and work careers.

Young Thinkers Program provides carefully designed, multiple answer questions which challenge students to think up their own ideas, judgments, and reasons. Students are expected to justify their answers with reasoning, clarity and honesty. This program is FUN! Students love the excitement of hearing their answers challenged. They love the debate. They thrive with the complexity of possibilities! 

Confident, articulate thinkers who:
• Are inquisitive, self-directive, self-corrective , and self-disciplined
• Support the reasoning behind a solution rather than memorising answers
• Develop plausible and effective critical and creative problem-solving skills
• Are willing to reconsider ideas and judgments based on good evidence
• Learn how to distinguish between facts, myths and opinions
• Use critical thinking to better navigate information in today’s highly connected world
• Ask more interesting questions at school and at home
• Improve skills, confidence and self esteem as a learner and thinker
• Learn the thinking skills necessary for success in learning beyond school classrooms

Feedback comments from students attending Eric Frangenheim’s Young Thinkers’ Program workshops
“I like that we got to argue, being questioned, being able to have discussion.”
“Being able to justify and explain our opinion.”
“I liked that everybody got a say. lf someone wasn’t quite sure about something thay could just ask and figure it out all together.”
“It was fun and interesting. I enjoyed being able to justify the answers and Eric was very funny.” 
“I enjoyed how we had to argue about different questions and we had different answers.”
“It is really fun to answer question, lots of conversation.”
“The animations and cartoons were creative and colourful. The story made the questions more “tricky and suspensive.”
“I enjoyed the creativity and cleverness of the questions, and the story.”
“It was great and had great graphics and voice editing.”
“I really liked it because it got me thinking more than I normally do. Thank you so much for this.  It was very fun to learn and think more.”
“The best part was brainstorming different arguments to persuade others using the thinking skills.
“I enjoyed watching Dusty Dog and answering all the questions. This is a great story that kids will love.”
“The stories, the questions, the arguments, learning in a fun way.”