Paul Herbert

BA(Hons, Geog), Grad.Dip. (Teaching) 

BA(Hons, Geog), Grad.Dip. (Teaching)

Lecturer, Educational consultant for itc publications and Director Hidden90

Paul is a leading education consultant and author with a focus on quality teaching pedagogy, with a particular focus on beginning teachers.

He also Lectures at the University of Southern Queensland in “Curriculum and Pedagogy”.

Paul has been a Director of itc publications, one of Australia’s largest teaching resource company and a classroom teacher prior to that. Currently he is a Director of Hidden90, a company dedicated to enhancing personal, group and organisational communication capabilities.

Paul’s expertise in the field of teaching pedagogy and his engaging presentation style has resulted in regular appearances at education conferences, universities, and schools.

He has extensive experience in the not for profit sector and has helped coordinate and run several community events including the Toowoomba Open House and Toowoomba Festival of Rail.

Paul is a member of the Australian College of Educators

Paul lives with his wife and two children in Toowoomba, Queensland. 

Contact details
Mobile: 0413 724 846