beginning teachers' immersion program

Event: Brisbane and Toowoomba

Paul Herbert ITC Director and author of the beginning teachers’ companion and innovative teachers’ companion, has been facilitating the highly popular and practical ‘beginning teachers’ immersion program’. The program examines a range of instructional techniques; through a mix of co-operative learning activities and higher-order thinking tasks to ensure your new teachers are ready.

Session 1: Answering the fundamental question 

  • Why are your students going to be better off because you are their teacher?
  • Understanding your school and it’s community, including it’s School Wide Pedagogy.

Session 2: What’s your teaching and learning methodology?

  • Understand the importance of developing a common personal pedagogical framework.
  • An introduction to a thinking skills framework and the principles of Explicit Instruction.

Session 3: Creating the quality learning environment

  • Communication for successful classroom interaction (developing the WIIFM).
  • Co-operative learning – PIME.
  • Questioning – the vital principles.

Sesson 4: Giving and seeking feedback and guidance

  • The importance of lesson observations to improve your personal pedagogy.
  • The Russian brothers’ feedback model.
  • Self-evaluation using the aitsl standards.

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