Cricket Smart: Cricket and the curriculum - made easy!

itc publications, in partnership with Cricket Australia, has developed six high quality units of work that you can download to help create a fun and engaging learning environment.

Register now at to access six free units, including high quality tools and resources for students to enhance their learning experience, as well as short-films starring some of Australia’s best cricket players. 


Year 4 Science: Are You a Force with Which to be Reckoned?

Use cricket to engage students in the world of contact and non-contact forces. You’ll be able to lead practical experiments that explore push, pull and twist forces.


Year 5 Mathematics: Are Numbers the Real Game?

Students take on the role of cricket selectors. Using mathematical data, students analySse the performances of some of the best cricket players to select a World XI!


Year 5 Economics and Business: Hosting an International Cricket Tournament

Students investigate the benefits, challenges and resources required to host an international cricket tournament. This unit engages students in economics, mathematics and ICTs in their quest to find out!


Year 6 History: Migration – A Case Study of Fawad Ahmed

Connect your students with the real life story of an Australian sporting hero, Fawad Ahmed, and his journey of hardship, migration and sporting excellence.


Year 7 Geography: Liveability – Making Where You Live Even Better!

Students are members of the Mayor’s advisory panel for youth affairs. They analyse the liveability of their local area, identify major issues affecting young people and put together a comprehensive action plan on how to improve the liveability of the area in which they live.


Years 7/8 Design and Technology - Eyes on the Prize: Design and Innovation Challenge

Students design, create and evaluate a trophy for the winning team of the world’s biggest and most prestigious cricket tournament.



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