Crime Watch to Language Watch

We are all aware of Crime Watch where citizens are asked to be vigilant about breaches of the law. Well, here is an idea for all classrooms. What about setting up a Language Watch wall poster? Ask students to add any examples of bad spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax or any breach of the topics you are learning in Term 4.

Organise your class into teams of four. They are to report on any breaches such as “There is many reason to do this”. 

Offer as many examples as you see fit and then ask your teams to report errors or breaches they identify on TV, the newspaper, films, magazines, public notices, signs and even the school newsletter. 

Teams could earn points during the term, not necessarily with the intention of finding a winning team, but in order to add up the score of that class to see the total number of breaches noticed in that period. The word ‘competition’, in its purest form means to ‘strive together’, just like athletes are striving together to produce the best results. In this case, the teams of four are actually striving together to find as many breaches of language and grammar rules as possible.

Students are likely to enjoy seeing examples of their vigilance recorded on the Language Watch wall poster.

Value-add to this exercise by using these breaches to ask the students what all the correct alternatives could be. Ask students to proofread each other’s work to act as language mentors.

Students love discovering mistakes and correcting them! For older classes, teachers can take any text and rewrite it with errors or simply create their own text for a particular learning area. 

Engage your students in the thrill of the chase!

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