Explicit Teaching and Assessment – designing for success!


Explicit assessment items are clear, provide students with a clear sense of direction from the outset and eliminate any potential confusion.

The design of any assessment instrument begins with a task verb, such as ‘explain’, ‘design’, or ‘compare’. The selection of the correct verb is crucial as it defines the task, determines how a student will organise their thoughts and research and influences the language they will use.

This workshop will focus on reviewing and re-designing an existing assessment instrument, ensuring appropriate thinking tools are linked to the various task verbs. A practical thinking skills framework for assessment and lesson design will be offered. This workshop will also emphasise the importance of scaffolding assessment with the best thinking tools and the appropriate language, so that all students can succeed.


Teachers select an assessment item to bring to the workshop to review and re-design. The assessment item should be:

  • aligned to the Australian curriculum or relevant curriculum framework
  • used for forthcoming assessment
  • one that requires improvement.

Workshop length: 90 mins-2 hours duration