Cricket Smart

Cricket and the curriculum made easy! 

itc publications, in partnership with Cricket Australia, have developed units of work aligned to the national curriculum to create a fun and engaging learning environment. 

The units are free and can be downloaded at: 


Year 4 Science 

Are You a Force with Which to be Reckoned? 

Use cricket to engage students in the world of contact and non-contact forces. You’ll be able to lead practical experiments that explore push, pull and twist forces. 


Year 5 Mathematics 

Are Numbers the Real Game? 

Students take on the role of cricket selectors. 

Using mathematical data, students analyse the performance some of the best cricket players to select a World XI! 


Year 5/6 Integrated Case Study 

Hosting a Cricket Tournament? 

Students investigate benefits, challenges and resources required to host an international cricket tournament. This unit engages students in economics, mathematics and ICTs in their quest to find out! 


Year 6 History 

Migration - A Case Study of Fawad Ahmed 

Connect your students with the real life story of an Australian sporting hero, Fawad Ahmed and his journey of hardship, 


Year 7 Geography 

Liveability - Making where you live Even Better! 

Students are members of the Mayor’s advisory panel for youth affairs. They analyse the liveability of their local area, identify local issues affecting young people and put together a comprehensive action plan on how to improve the liveability of the area in which they live. 


Year 7/8 Design and Technology 

Eyes on the Prize: Design and Innovation Challenge 

In this unit, ‘Eyes on the Prize’ students will explore the latest digital tools available and create a realistic 3D model of a proposed trophy of the new Cricket Australia ‘Women’s Big Bash League’. 


Year 7-10 Health and Physical Education 

Throwing - Anyone Can Do it 

Using the Teaching Games for Understanding approach, students are required to analyse their throwing technique and compare it to ‘experts’ in order to develop their own program for self-improvement. The unit encourages extensive use of thinking tools and the latest digital technologies to inspire students. 


Year 8/9 Mathematics 

Bradman by the Numbers 

Students will be assigned tasks that require them to interpret and graph data and argue points for and against using data to justify their decision making. They will unpack Sir Donald Bradman’s statistics, and those of other prominent batters, and use quantative and qualitative data to evaluate his hero status. 


Year 9 History 

The Making of the Modern World 

This unit provides the opportunity to study ‘Australia - Movement of Peoples’ and ‘Making a Nation’ strands through the lens of a team of Aboriginal cricket players who played in one of the earliest Boxing Day cricket matches in 1866. These important, yet largely under-acknowledged, sporting events are set in the critical period for the making of the modern world and hence provide an exciting opportunity to understand and examine Australia’s post-colonial history and reflect upon its implications for nation building.

Cricket Smart units are available at: