NEW - Queensland 2019 Senior Assessment System - be cognitive verb ready!


With the introduction of the new QCAA Queensland Certificate of Education system in 2019, the implications for assessment in relation to the accurate use and interpretation of cognitive verbs and in providing quality formative student feedback is significant. 

There are 75 cognitive verbs embedded in the new and redeveloped 2019 Queensland syllabuses. They are not new. Teachers are well acquainted with them, just maybe under different names; task verbs, Common Curriculum Elements (CCEs)or thinking skills

They are used explicitly throughout each and every 2019 syllabus document, and within each syllabus document there is an extensive glossary. Be assured, the cognitive verbs will be there to greet the students in their external subject examinations and they will be expected to know what they mean.

Time: 90 minutes - full day workshop

A. Explicit Task Design

Session 1: The cognitive verbs and a 4 Step to Success model 

·     Designing explicit tasks aligned to the 2019 syllabus using the itc Thinking Skills Framework. 

·     Scaffolding for all learners – a 4 Step Process to improve the writing and thinking skills of all students

·     Designing tasks for extension and challenge – thinking skills framework

·     RAS Alert and Topic Bingo – for greater engagement and retention


B. Cooperative Learning

Session 2: The cognitive verbs and cooperative Learning

  • Silent Card Shuffle – exposure to 6 x regularly used cognitive verbs with aligned thinking tools and language. 
  • Argue and the Icon Prompt & Judge Jury (and PCQ Extension)

The 1:4:Publish:Circle:Refine – a cooperative learning tool for the writing or design process

C. Formative Assessment 

Session 3: Assessment redesign & formative assessment

·     Selecting the curriculum content – what task verbs are you required to teach?

·     Using the itc Thinking Skills framework – design 6 x questions in 5 minutes. What is your overarching task / question for this unit? What thinking / cooperative tools will you attach to each question? Gerard to provide examples.

·     Formative Assessment – identifying the key junctures for student feedback. Thinking tools and formative assessment, deciding who provides the student feedback.

“I want to thank you for the... workshops you conducted at Brisbane Bayside State College.  The workshops were extremely practical and engaging.  It is great to see our staff keen to attend twilight PD after a full day of teaching because your workshops related directly to their classroom practice with practical ideas and strategies.

As we move to the new Senior Assessment in Qld., your focus on task verbs (cognitive verbs) provided the platform for a review of our practice in order to set students up for success under the new system. The sessions you conducted... really hit the mark with regard to our College agenda and developing teacher capability in delivering a differentiated curriculum. Thank you again for your work and I look forward to future sessions with our staff.”

Grant Williams

Principal - Brisbane Bayside State College