Best-selling Teacher Diaries

The innovative teachers’ companion is Australia’s No. 1 selling teacher diary and is jam packed with useful teaching tools, ideas and strategies to assist teachers throughout the year.

Available in Early Years of Learning, Primary and Secondary versions, our teacher diaries are aligned to the Australian Curriculum and are tailored to suit your needs.


Teacher Benefits

Save time - click and download all the itc thinking tool templates, student feedback tools, cooperative learning strategies, lesson quick starts, Silent Card Shuffle activities and much more.

Easy to use - thinkdrive is intuitive and easy to use – just click on the resource and download! The thinkdrive resources are available in pdf, MS word and Google Docs format.


Student Benefits

Improved thinking skills - thinkdrive explicitly teaches over 60 cognitive verbs through a clear four-step pathway for students, so that EVERY student can experience success.

Sound like an expert - thinkdrive offers a comprehensive list of sentence starters, connectives and assessment response examples so that students can confidently begin writing.


FREE Introductory Workshop

Where possible, we offer a free 40-60 minute introductory thinkdrive workshop for your teachers. Normal consultancy fees apply for longer or additional workshops. Contact us to discuss.

30-day trial - contact us to arrange a free 30-day trial for your school.