Case Studies

itc publications experienced team of educational experts have worked with several skills affecting real and lasting change to the teaching and learning occurring in them.

Operation Goldilocks - Professional Learning journey with the itc thinking skills framework. January 2013 – Present

Project structured to recognise high-performing teachers and to embed the teaching of higher order thinking skills as part of Kimberley Park Primary Schools culture and everyday teaching practice.

Explicit teaching of a Thinking Skills Framework is expected as part of the school’s culture and is identified in the school’s Pedagogical Framework. Click here to learn more about this program

Earnshaw State College – Thinking Skills Program. January 2014 – Present

This involved delivery of workshops to familiarise all staff at the College with a Thinking Skills Framework and supporting documents. The workshops focused on the language and tools (graphic organisers) and were hands-on in nature. Staff feedback was positive and the majority of teachers were enthusiastic to begin using the framework and tools. As a result, we have seen some incredibly positive outcomes within the College. Not only have staff embraced the framework, there have been some innovative applications of the framework. Click here to learn more about this program

Kelvin Grove State College – Thinking Skills Program.  January 2013 – Present

Kelvin Grove State College has placed huge emphasis and importance on the benefits of explicitly teaching Thinking Skills. itc publications has worked with the College to embed Thinking Skills into their teaching and learning frameworks. Thinking skills are considered a priority in the College and the expectation is that all teaching and learning episodes are written and executed with a Thinking Skills focus in mind. Click here to more about this program