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2019 innovative teachers' companion

This teacher diary is available in three editions; Early Years, Primary and Secondary (4,5,6 and multi period layouts available). This trusted resource combines an everyday diary with a wide range of professional development content. This companion inspires teachers to plan exciting lessons that enable students to become critical, creative and cooperative thinkers. 

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Innovative students' companion

itc are proud to present this comprehensive handbook that will assist your students' to effectively approach and complete asssessment tasks. The innovative students' companion compliments and aligns to the innovative teachers' companion to ensure a whole-school approach to thinking and learning.

From exams to assignments, every student can now have a trusted companion to enhance their ability to think critically and creatively, effectively plan responses and execute written or spoken assessment tasks.

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Beginning Teachers' Companion - 2nd Edition

Written after extensive consultation with the teacher training sector, the beginning teachers’ companion offers a practical examination of the skills of teaching.

Designed specifically to assist those starting their teaching careers, the beginning teachers’ companion explores 7 key areas vital to a successful induction into the classroom and the profession.

A must for any beginning teacher.

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ITC Posters (A1 and A4 Size) -  View our range

We offer a range of high quality A1 and A4 Size posters for your school:

Thinking Skills Framework Poster
+ encourages and reinforces a whole-school approach to thinking
+ promotes student awareness of the different levels of thinking

Handwritting Skills Poster
+ clearly illustrates the four steps required to achieve fast and legible handwritting

Public Skills Poster
+ teaches your students to master the art of preparing and delivering speeches

Interpreting Visual Images Poster
+ assists students to classify visual images into six categories for easy interpretation.


More Print Resources

Looking for that something extra to drive improved teaching and learning? Then look to use one of our supported resources including:

+ thinking skills stickers
+ Loose leaf binders
+ How to write what you want to say... and How to write what you want to say in Mathematics
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Thinking Reward Stickers

  • 10 sheets (420 Stickers) + A3 wall chart for the classroom. 
  • 7 different sticker categories: creative thinking, deep thinking, accurate thinking, co-operative thinking, divergent thinking, lateral thinking and thinking of others
  • A practical way to readily reward and encourage higher order thinking
  • A powerful and immediate way to explain to students the different types of thinking
  • Create a positive classroom environment