About Us

You want your school to thrive. 
You want your teachers to feel inspired and fulfilled.   
You want your students to be engaged learners and reach their potential as thinkers. 

We want this too!

That’s why at itc publications we bring pedagogy to life within your school.

itc publications was established in 2002 by co-founders Gerard Alford, Eric Frangenheim and Paul Herbert.

Our education products and consulting services are a blend of cutting-edge educational research, tried and tested instructional methods and a comprehensive range of practical lesson ideas and examples aligned to the National Curriculum.

We offer educational ideas and methods so teachers can hone their craft to continually improve their teaching.

The core of our work is our Thinking Skills Framework - 4 Steps to Success Model. It focuses on unpacking core task verbs, such as explain, evaluate, analyse and compare. These verbs will never go out of date. 

So, whether you are using SOLO, Bloom’s taxonomy, ASoT, DoL or another model, our Thinking Skills Framework - 4 Steps to Success Model will fit within your school’s pedagogical framework.

Our Areas of Expertise

  • Critical and Creative thinking
  • Lesson Observations and feedback
    Cooperative Learning
  • Explicit Instruction
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Broad Brush Unit Planning
  • 1:1 Lesson Planning and team teaching

Our Products

Our companion series includes the innovative teachers’ companion. It is Australia’s number one selling teacher diary, with more than 700,000 copies sold in Australia, and is in its fourth print in the USA. 

Our innovative students’ companion is in its second edition with more than 25,000 copies sold. Available as Primary and Secondary versions, it can complement or replace your student diary and is designed to support all students as an essential study and assessment guide.

Graduating teachers look to our popular and best-selling beginning teachers’ companion, designed to guide and inspire teachers in their momentous first years of practice.

Our digital products include itc thinkdrive, our powerful and dynamic digital platform which gives students and teachers access to our cognitive and cooperative thinking tools. Leaps of Learninis another exciting digital product where teachers are able to shop in an online marketplace for trusted teaching resources to enhance their practice.   

itc publications also produces thinking reward stickers, posters, and a range of other best-selling books for teachers and educators.

Want more? See our classroom lesson videos, which are an important part of our Professional Development services.

Consulting Services

itc publications has delivered hundreds of workshops to schools reaching thousands of teachers over the last 14 years. Our workshops are grounded by cutting-edge educational research using many of the engaging cooperative and cognitive tools in our publications.

See our full range of services.