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National Science Week

  • Chemical Sciences Lesson Plan (PDF)

Lesson Launchpad

  • ITC Thinking Skills Lesson Launchpad (PDF)

Lesson Plans

  • War on Waste Lesson Plan (Word)

Workshop Resources

Below are free resources for attendees of the Lesson Observations and Feedback and Cooperative Learning Workshops.

To view the four lesson videos from the workshop, please go to our Videos Page here.

Published articles

itc's featured published articles


Looking for extra assessment pages and class rolls? Please feel free to print off as many as you require.

Teaching Tips and Resources

Cognitive Tools

Y-Chart  Explanation Template
PCQ Explanation Template
Elimination Draw Explanation Template

These and other teaching tools are found in both the innovative teachers’ companion and thinkdrive (

Co-operative Learning

With co-operative learning, students have the opportunity to see other perspectives, there are more openings to discuss, debate and challenge the material being learnt and there are more chances for peer tutoring.


Good co-operative learning activities are distinguished from group work by incorporating the following 4 elements. To view these elements click here.


Multiple Intelligences Quiz

Use this quiz to help determine the learning styles of your students

To view these quiz click here

School Leaders

ITC Publications supports the philosophy that to achieve better learning outcomes, a whole-school approach is required which implements Learning to Learn and thinking skills programs. The formal and informal sharing of ideas between staff and regular peer teacher feedback are essential components of a successful program.

The following is a broad assessment guide to analyse the Thinking and Learning to Learn practices that you may have developed at your school and the structures you may have in place to support these initiatives.

Teaching and Learning Assessment Guide