Explicit Instruction - scaffolding for success!


This workshop links assessment, higher-order thinking and a thinking skills framework into an Explicit Instruction process. The design of any assessment piece begins with a task verb, such as ‘explain’, ‘design’, or ‘compare’. The selection of the right verb is crucial as it defines the assessment task, determines how a student will organise their thoughts and research and influences the language they will use. 

This workshop will focus on a number of thinking tools linked to the various task verbs and offers a practical thinking skills framework for use in the classroom. This workshop emphasises the need for explicit teaching and the importance of scaffolding tasks with the right thinking tools and the right language, so that all students can succeed. 

Time: 90 minutes - full day workshop

A. Thinking Skills Framework – thinking with purpose

•    Challenging & supporting all students
•    A thinking skills framework based on Bloom’s taxonomy (cognitive domain)
•    The four choices of lesson / unit design & designing six questions under pressure
•    Designing a ‘hook’ for a clear purpose of the unit

B. Critical thinking – some common task verbs

- Thinking Tool – Double Bubble map with filters, demonstrating breadth and depth for critical thinking
- Language of ‘Compare’ - sentence starters and connectives

- Thinking Tool – Judge Jury with a PCQ extension
- Language of ‘Argue’ – sentence starters – teachers to use in their Judge jury exercise

- Thinking Tool – justification flow chart
- Language of ‘justify’ – sentence starters and connectives

- Thinking Tool – Extent Barometer, with attachment to other tools
- Language of ‘Recommend’ – sentence starters and connectives

C. Reflection

- Co-operative tool: 3:2:1:RIQ

“I LOVED the workshop! I found it very practical, hands on and most of all, relevant. I am very enthusiastic about putting these ideas into practice." Grade 1 Teacher Windaroo State School