Mondays off, no lunch duties and a teacher aide - what's the catch?

A close colleague is currently supply-teaching in Oxfordshire, UK, after 5 years of full-time teaching in Queensland. She has taught across a range of primary schools in the university town of Oxford. At all the schools, the conditions are the same; one day free of teaching per week so that teachers can prepare their lessons and do their marking, no lunchtime or after-school duties and a teacher aide for every teacher. What’s the catch? Class sizes of 40+. 

Allison loves it. She claims that the lesson preparation for a class of 30 students is similar to a class of 40+. Sure, it takes a longer time to see the work of each student, but there is a teacher aide in every lesson to assist the students who are having difficulties and for the general assistance of the teacher and students. An interesting model? Is this something we should trial in Australia? We will keep you updated. 

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