Integrating ChatGPT in Education: Enhancing Australian Curriculum Lessons


ChatGPT, used knowingly and well, can produce exciting, creative and curriculum-aligned lesson plans in seconds. It has the potential to deliver real time-savings for our profession, like no other technology. This workshop aims to familiarise teachers with the innovative use of ChatGPT in lesson planning and curriculum development, ensuring that all ChatGPT generated lesson plans are systematically checked and customised with aligned cooperative learning tools, additional tasks, explicit Lesson Intentions and Success Criteria and sufficiently scaffolded to ensure student success.

This workshop will cover professional development learning outcomes including:

  • Generating ChatGPT lesson plans and support materials; capabilities, limitations, checks and aligning to education standards.
  • Initial Foundation Prompt – time, age group, learning objectives and syllabus content.
  • Generative Prompts – re-creation, expansion, creating support materials
  • Engaging Starting Activities: Think:Pair:Share, True / False, A or B +3, Silent Card, Shuffle, ChatGPT generated supporting resources.
  • Cognitive Verb Scaffolding – customising the lesson plan with aligned thinking tools, learning tools and appropriate language.
  • Using High Impact Teaching Strategies and / or Lesson Planning Checklist.
  • Customising for consolidation using the 3:2:1:RIQ and Process Success Criteria
  • And much more!

Supporting research (High Impact Teaching Strategies - Excellence in Teaching and Learning, 2017)

  • Scaffolding - planned sequencing, specific steps / activities - effect size 0.53
  • Direct Instruction - explicit teaching practices, modelling - effect size = 0.59
  • Cooperative Learning – small group, high participation – effect size = 0.59
  • Setting Goals – Lesson Intentions and Success Criteria - effect size = 0.56

Note: An effect size of 1.0 would improve the rate of learning by 50% and would mean that, on average, students receiving that treatment would exceed 84% of students not receiving that treatment.

NESA Accredited Workshop
Completing Integrating ChatGPT in Education: Enhancing Australian Curriculum Lessons will contribute 3 hours of NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) Accredited PD in the priority area of Delivery and assessment of NSW Curriculum/ Early Years Learning Framework addressing Standard Descriptor 2.1.2 from the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers towards maintaining Proficient Teacher in NSW.